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Deathrun Update 1.5 (02/01) - They're multiplying!

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  • Multiple activators on old only maps
  • Server-side toggle to give activator(s) weapons
  • Server-side toggle to enable old only map events
  • Option to enable a laser sight
  • Added mp_dr_atlantis and mp_dr_catherine to the rotation
  • Added option to bind "hide players" in the controls menu


  • Removed dead servers from main menu (Promod + TDM)
  • Updated Crowbar textures
  • Removed forced customisation from:
    • mp_deathrun_fusion
    • mp_deathrun_mine
    • mp_deathrun_sonic
    • mp_dr_cyber
    • mp_dr_pandemonium
    • mp_dr_slayv2
    • mp_dr_zvr_dimensions
    • mp_dr_windwaker
  • Got rid of the absolute fucking cancerous "Mustamies" song on mp_dr_skii
  • Disabled spectator list (at least for now, as it crashes the server with too many players on)
  • Re-added mp_dr_decay Sonic model secret


  • Fixed idle anim for Brawler's Brew
  • Fixed mp_dr_windwaker resetting XP when picking up gems
  • Added missing Brawler's Brew to the item shop
  • Removed mp_vc_garage and mp_dr_industrial from the rotation (engine limits exceeded causing server crash)
  • Blocked mp_deathrun_cookie cut


For the upcoming event this weekend we'll have 2x XP, exclusively old only maps and activator weapons enabled.

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