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As a thank you for donating you'll receive VIP features on our servers. Below is a list of features per server aswell as a list of the amount of months you'll get per donation:


All servers:

  • Reserved slot (don't get kicked to make room for VIPs)
  • Custom knives (type !ck or !customknife)
  • Custom name tags (type !tag, !tags or !tagmenu)


  • Permanent Donator rank
  • Private Donator-only section


VIP durations*:

  • 5 USD: 1 month
  • 25 USD: 5 months + 1 free month
  • 50 USD: 10 months + 2 free months

* Donations do not stack, meaning if you donate 3.50 USD, for example, you can't donate 1.50 USD afterwards to receive VIP. Only full amounts will be accepted.


To receive VIP, please contact a Manager or Owner after donating and include your Steam profile link in your message. A list of our management division can be found at Please login or register to see this link.

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