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Deathrun Update 1.5.1 (18/01) - It's-a me, Mario!

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It's a smaller update with the main feature being the all new Double Jump events (join today at 12PM EST/5PM GMT/6PM CET).




  • Double Jump events (press jump again mid-air to double jump)
  • Added mp_dr_celerity to the rotation


  • Map records won't submit if Double Jump is enabled
  • Server name now shows "190 speed" as per the suggestion of @Caspa
  • Removed mp_dr_raky from the rotation


  • Disable AFK activation if there is more than 1 activator
  • Removed Crowbar worldmodel (melee weapons aren't supposed to have a world model)


We'll have 2x XP enabled for the duration of the weekend and double jump for the duration of the event.

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