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  1. yeah, hey! As you can see I still have trouble with getting things to work
  2. Got it working! Downloaded the official deathrun 1.2 mod. Also I downloaded the coyote_v2 map from modbb (not from a random server). Still not sure how to do save position or stop the afk/round timer. Any ideas on that? also if anyone has a skypilalr download link I'd love you for life <3 Cause I can't find one
  3. Hi there, Not sure if anyone is still active but I really need help! I select a deathrun mod and type /devmap mp_deathrun_coyote_v2 (for example) but it gives me a console error. I have tried this for a couple of mods but they all do the same thing. Weirdly, if I try doing "start my own server" it gives me a short list of old deathrun maps. But some of them do. However the list is only like 10 items long. I'm clueless here, please help.