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Real name: Kailo Moerman
Age: 22
Previous experience: regular discord server admin and mincraft server moderator
Why I would make a good addition to the team: i play regularly on all the csgo servers hosted by raid gaming and felt like we needed more admins from those experiences
How often do you visit our forums?: very very often
In-game name: changes regularly but rn: 
Steam: Please login or register to see this link.
Discord tag (name#1234): ABNORMALY#1292
Primary server: 1V1
How often do you play on our servers?: as stated before very regularly as perhaps warmups and aim trainings

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I'd like to inform you of our decision to decline your admin application. As part of the vetting process we went through your recent chatlogs and found behaviour we do not deem acceptable for an applicant. You may apply again in the future if you so desire, but you'll have to work on your behaviour towards others in the server.

The Raid Gaming team

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