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    Hi guys, Soooo, I'm not sure if I'm the only one but since it is the "new" Raid Deathrun server, I just thought it'd be nice to have the old level icons back. Slaya/Atrx said that if enough people like this idea then we can get the old icons back :] ~ Giraffe
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    atrx couldnt find your to do list
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    Only proves the song needs to be added
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    Been wanting to this for a while. Whenever me (or anyone else) tells @atrX about a problem, he recommends we make a topic. To make life easier for him, I'll put all the things in the server/mod that need fixing/changing. If anyone else has any issues put them here for him too, at least everything will be in one place for him. Mod: HUD says free run instead of practice run (trivial). Slight clipping of WASD screen to spectator instructions (trivial). Chance for 2 Activators to be picked when the previous Activator leaves. Noticed that sometimes, it takes quite a few clicks for weapons/chars/trails/sprays etc. to be selected. Maps: mp_dr_droid - custom weapons need adding, forces every player to be ratchet and clank. mp_dr_slayv2 (sorry Slaya) - forces custom viewhands. mp_dr_overgrown - forces custom viewhands. mp_deathrun_sonic - every player is sonic, takes away from the VIP feature (imo). mp_deathrun_mine - forces every character to be Steve. Especially annoying, his head is huge and causes some vision issues in the lava maze. mp_dr_imaginary - questionable music activation method. mp_dr_laboratory - can shoot a board that will redirect you to a dead server. mp_deathrun_easy - " Maps with questionable end triggers: mp_deathrun_epicfail - Ghosts can enter endrooms. mp_dr_gooby - " mp_dr_wtf - " Most of these are completely trivial nit-picks, but It's important to me, @atrX and the entire community that the server is, well, perfect. Any more issues from other players, put them in here. @atrX feel free to edit the post to confirm your changes in the future. Thanks everyone
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    thanks bro, sound guy yourself. get on more!
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    Only known this fella for like 3 hours, seems like a sound geezer, big up my man swegy. Good luck lad