Deathrun Update 1.3 (27/01) - I Did An Oopsie

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Long story short, I accidentally pushed the scripts for the update to the live server and didn't have a backup of the old ones... Enjoy the early update, lol.





  • Updated map rotation (now 227 maps large!)
  • Updated end round/map songs based on community poll
  • Added item shop where you can rent any VIP item for 1 day (24 hours) with credits earned for:
    • Playing (granted at the end of each round)
    • Kills
    • Finishing the map
  • New customization options for VIPs:
    • Miku character model (thanks to @Rex109)
    • Slash N' Burn knife
    • Rainbow trail
    • Sparkles trail (the old Raid VIP trail)
    • Chicken pet
    • Watermelon gun
  • Added toggleable spectator list (see who is spectating a player)
  • Added "Ghost Run" label when spectating a player in ghost run
  • Added toggleable option to not spectate ghosts
  • Menu overhaul
  • Added "Add To Favorites" button
  • Added "Rules" button
  • Added detailed statistics tracking including different types of kills, traps activated, deaths and time played (only ingame, for now)
  • Server announcement when someone finishes the map with placement order (still no order rule though :) )
  • Added DR-specific controls to the multiplayer controls menu
  • Added DR-specific options to the game options and multiplayer options menus


  • Spectator keyboard looks a bit nicer now
  • Buffed snipers (should be a one-shot kill in the upper body all the time now)
  • Updated some weapons (reduced image count, improved animations, sounds etc.) thanks to @Mist
  • Map rotation will no longer reset upon a server restart
  • Removed player timer on practice run
  • First round will now be displayed as "Practice Round", subsequent rounds will be counted from 1-10
  • Nightvision will no longer show up on the HUD, but can still be enabled if you have it bound
  • Added back WTF sound when a player presses B42
  • Going AFK as activator will no longer grant you XP for the automatic trap activation
  • Random first place XP will no longer activate on practice round
  • Removed "Free Run" popup from practice round
  • Removed forced viewhands/playermodels on some maps (let me know if I missed any)
  • Removed delay from teleporter at spawn on mp_dr_blue
  • End rooms on mp_deathrun_easy will now always be active
  • Randomised music selection on mp_dr_imaginary
  • Anyone can now enter the "Brick" secret on mp_deathrun_cookie, even without renaming to "Brick"
  • Nerfed mp_dr_lithium secrets
  • Removed some abusive stuff from several maps
  • Removed some XP fountains from several maps


  • Stats will no longer reset if the backend goes down (you'll temporarily be level 1 until it comes back up, at which point you'll get your rank back)
  • Fixed desync between on-screen timer and actual time used for records
  • Time record is no longer shown at end of game when no one has ever finished the map (no more 99999999)
  • Activator is no longer able to damage ghosts
  • XP bar is no longer shown when opening a menu
  • Lots of script error fixes for several maps
  • Lots of fixes for broken end triggers
  • Fixed some maps that weren't giving XP for trap activation
  • Blocked bhop cut on mp_deathrun_scoria
  • Blocked cut on mp_dr_watercity
  • Blocked cut on mp_dr_bananaphone_v2
  • Block ladder stall cut on mp_deathrun_ruin
  • Blocked no fall damage cut on mp_deathrun_ruin
  • Blocked cut on mp_deathrun_hop
  • Players no longer randomly die from trap activation on the practice round on mp_deathrun_ruin
  • Players in ghost run can now exit the spawn of mp_deathrun_ruin
  • Fixed several SQL injections in the backend (don't ask me why I'm not using prepared statements, even I don't know)


If you find any more bugs or issues, please report them here: Please login or register to see this link.

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1 hour ago, atrX said:


  • Removed some abusive stuff from several maps
  • Removed some XP fountains from several maps


Huh, that's weird, dunno why those would exist

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2 minutes ago, Pain. said:

Huh, that's weird, dunno why those would exist


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Woww sounds good atrx! Looks like you put im some serious work!

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