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    Traps: 12 Endrooms: Sniper, Knife, Bounce, Bunnhop, Surf Secret: 1 Difficulty: Medium Length: Medium/Long Download: https://www.moddb.com/mods/braxs-death-run-mod/addons/mp-dr-ethereal This map requires CoD4X Server 1.8 to run (or in the case of CoD4: Unleashed (our patch), you can play it on our server or DM me for a compatible version). Old live streams: Decided to not make the map a contest map, couldn't be bothered to make it work in devmap.
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    It didn't crash when I spun up the dev server... That's something, right?
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    Added to the server.
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    Hey Guys, so I started to learn mapping like 1 week ago. And already finished my first map. I know its not pretty but I guess for my first map its cool Name: mp_dr_surfacing Traps: 4 Rooms: 6 Difficulty: Without Traps Easy | With Traps Medium Length: I tested just without Traps I needed about 30 seconds. But I am not a speedrunnner Image: Download Link: http://mylevel.eu/cod4/maps/mp_dr_surfacing.rar
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    i found it haha maybe i should save it ... its got some crazy fun things on it